Rent a
Shipping Container

Roadrunner Transport and Containers understands that you may only need a container for a certain amount of time. Therefore, we offer the option of renting a container for storage purposes only.

If you need a container for short-term storage or just want to test the waters before a bigger commitment, our rental option is affordable and convenient.

Benefits of Renting a Container

There are several benefits to renting a container:

Save money by renting for less than buying.

Temporary, shorter-term commitments.

Qualification and Requirements

  • You must be at least 21 years old and have a valid U.S. driver’s license from the state where you live.
  • The first month’s rent is due on the date the container is delivered to your property.
  • Your next payment is due 30 days after the container is delivered and every month thereafter, in accorandance with the requirements of your rental agreement.
  • The physical address where the shipping container will be delivered must be listed on your rental agreement. The shipping container must remain at that property for the period of the rental.
  • You must show proof of ownership or rental/lease of the property where the shipping container will be located.
  • The container is to be used for storage only. No changes or modifications are allowed.

You have three (3) ways to pay your rent

Set up autopay
Make your payments online
Call to make a payment


Find the perfect blend of renting convenience with ownership pride. Ideal for those seeking flexibility in acquisition, this option provides a step-by-step path to ownership without the immediate commitment.