Our Company

Roadrunner Transport and Containers is helping others.

Steve and Yolanda always look for ways to give people a hand up. Paul* was one such person. Homeless and alone they provided work and a place to stay in hopes of improving his life.

One day Steve ordered road base for the small RV park. Intrigued by the project and the thought of how businesses can improve the quality of life for so many, Steve had an idea. Paul could drive a dump truck and get on the road of opportunity.

The problem? Steve couldn’t find a dump truck.

“If I could have gotten my hands on a dump truck,

I wouldn’t be in the container business.”

Steve wheels were rolling. What about a pick-up truck and trailer? They’re easy to find and get. And people were interested in shipping containers. Paul could haul shipping containers from Houston directly to customers.

Steve bought a new 40-foot gooseneck tilt-bed trailer.

But after Paul’s accident, things just didn’t work out. No one was seriously hurt, but the truck was totaled. Maybe driving was not the perfect fit for Paul.

Then COVID hit.

The trailer sat at the RV park waiting for another opportunity to help someone. Steve searched and found a company that was willing to lease the trailer. But soon the company fell behind their lease payments, so Steve requested the trailer back.

The trailer came back so damaged that repair costs were more than the lease payments received.

In the meantime, Eric*, a truck driver, moved into the RV park. He was running for another company but ended up losing his job. Steve embraced the opportunity to help Eric. With a little effort and a lot of money Steve bought another trailer and quickly put Eric to work delivering shipping containers.

Eric’s opportunity quickly turned into work for Steve. He was buying, selling, and scheduling enough runs to keep Eric earning a living. It was not long, however, before Eric decided to move on.

The next opportunity was Don,* a young man passionate about starting his own container delivery business. So, Steve bought three more trailers to put Don and his two cousins to work. Roadrunner, before it was called Roadrunner, had become a business.

Steve had another “opportunity” idea. How about helping homemakers? They put their careers on hold to raise children and they had the skill set for sales, logistics, and acquisition. It was not long before Amber, Supermom, joined the team.

Then came Kimberly, Lyndsey, Maria, Pam, Makaila, Christi, Sarah, and Juliann.

Within a year, the humble beginning of a totaled truck became an “opportunity” that grew to 37 sales consultants generating loads for 22 drivers and an office staff of 9 to keep the business running.

How Roadrunner Got Its Name

Steve and Yolanda live in San Antonio, TX, home of the University of Texas at San Antonio, their son’s and Yolanda’s alma mater.

The UTSA mascot is the Roadrunner. Steve felt the roadrunner symbolized the quick spirit of opportunity. They couldn’t use the UTSA mascot, but the roadrunner was the right fit.

The Roadrunner spirit is to strive every day to touch lives, meet needs, and service others.

The Roadrunner Philosophy

The desire to help people drives Roadrunner.

Our vision is to help our people support their families. Our goal is to give them the opportunity to work as much or as little as they want to support their family and fulfill their dreams.

  • Everyone (except the drivers) works from home. Most of our sales agents are stay-at-home moms, retirees, and others who don’t want the restrictions of working in an office setting.
  • Our drivers own their trucks. We get trailers specifically built for Roadrunner and finance them for the drivers.

We strive to support our customers as much as possible… and reasonable. Containers are a messy business. There’s a lot of fraud and sometimes depots just want to get rid of containers, so sometimes you don’t always get what you ordered.

However, we do our best to make sure our customers’ containers are good quality (depending on the condition they ordered) and that we get the best deals we can so we can pass those deals to our customers.

Roadrunner is a veteran-owned company. Both Steve and Yolanda served in the Air Force. They work to instill the Air Force values of service, excellence, and integrity in Roadrunner’s operation.

“I like to be a part of their lives [the staff] and I’m honored

that they allow us to help them move from where they are to where

they want to be. It’s a privilege and a blessing.”

                                                                                     – Steve

That goes for our customers too. Thanks for letting us help you get where you want to be.

Our Team

Steve, Owner and Visionary

Yolanda, Co-Owner

Makaila, General Manager

Amber, Manager

Kimberly, Manager

Lyndsey, Sales and Scheduling

Maria, Operations and Sales

Sarah, Customer Support

Christi, Finance

Pam, Assistant

Julianne, Transport Coordinator


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