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What is a Shipping Container…
and How to Buy One

When I tell people that we sell and deliver shipping containers, they get a puzzled look on their face and ask “what’s a shipping container?

Basically it’s a big metal box used to move goods across the ocean. Let me give you an analogy to explain.

Extreme Sports Waterboarding
The Ultimate List of Shipping Container Ideas

Have you ever dreamed about shipping containers? Most of us are intrigued by the idea of using them for unique and creative spaces.

A shipping container is essentially a steel box. So if a room as a box, why not make it out of a shipping container?

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How to Navigate Shipping Container Zoning Laws & Stay Legal

You’ve decided to put a shipping container on your property. I’m excited for you. I bet you can’t wait to get that container and start using it.

But hold up. Imagine how you would feel if you put a container on your property only to find out later that local regulations don’t allow it.

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