40-Foot Wind and Watertight

A 40-foot wind and watertight container provides storage for a wide range of items, from household goods and equipment to inventory and supplies. This grade of containers are rusty, dented, scratched up, patch welded, and ugly, yet they can still protect from wind, rain, and moisture.

Just like 20-foot containers, they are an economical choice for secure, weather-resistant storage when aesthetics is not a concern.

40-Foot Wind And Watertight High Cube

The 40-foot wind and watertight container offers the same secure storage option for protecting against wind and water as the smaller 20-foot version but with double the space. It’s an affordable option for storage when aesthetics aren’t important.

40-Foot New One-Trip

The 40-foot new one-trip is a good option for storage but a great option for creating new living spaces.