40-Foot New One-trip

The 40-foot new one-trip container is a spacious, robust, and cost-effective solution for your storage, office, workspace, or retail needs. They offer twice the space of 20-foot containers.

These containers have only been used for a single trip. They may have some minor cosmetic imperfections or scratches from handling during transport, but they are essentially in like-new condition, ensuring long-lasting performance.

This container is perfect for when you need more space for residential, commercial, or industrial applications.

40-Foot New One-Trip High Cube

The like-new condition of the 40-Foot New One-Trip High Cube container is excellent for home or business storage and living spaces. Just like the 20-foot version, the extra height makes standing inside more spacious.

40-Foot Cargo Worthy

A 40-Foot Cargo Worthy container is a reliable choice for storage needs when you need more space or for renovations.