20-Foot Wind and Watertight

Wind and watertight shipping containers are no longer suitable for transporting goods, but they can still protect your belongings from wind, rain, and snow.

There are significant signs of wear and tear including areas that were previously repaired, large areas of rust, dents and scratches.

Wind and watertight containers can be an economical choice for secure, weather-resistant storage when aesthetics is not a concern.

20-Foot Wind And Watertight High Cube

The 20-Foot Wind And Watertight High Cube is 9ft 6in high as opposed to the standard 8ft 6in, giving an extra 12 inches of more space which.

While the exterior of the container may have some dents and rust, they still resist wind and water so that your stored items are protected.

20-Foot New One-Trip

The modular design of a 20-Foot New One-Trip caters to a myriad of uses, from dynamic pop-up shops to robust storage.