20-Foot Cargo Worthy

Cargo worthy containers have been used to transport goods anywhere from a few times up to 20 years. They are certified to be structurally sound and have the strength and stability to continue transporting goods. They can withstand exposure to water and weather which means they can keep their contents dry and protected.

You will see signs of wear and tear on cargo worthy containers such as scratches, dents, rust, paint wear, and floor wear. Yet they can still provide peace of mind and dependable performance when storing inventory, equipment, or personal belongings.

A 20-foot cargo-worthy shipping container is a reliable, sturdy, and cost-effective solution for your storage and renovation needs.

20-Foot Cargo Worthy High Cube

The high cube variant of a 20-Foot Cargo Worthy High Cube container provides an extra foot of vertical storage space making it ideal for storing taller equipment and machinery.

20-Foot Wind And Watertight

The 20-Foot Wind and Watertight container offers a secure storage option for protecting against wind and water.